Visa Applications at the Embassy of Tanzania, Stockholm

Foreigners who wish to submit their applications at the Embassy are still welcome until further notice. You can send your application by post or drop in at the Embassy in Stockholm. Processing of Visa Applications at the Embassy of Tanzania in Stockholm is from 09.30 to 15.00 hrs. Visa fees must be paid in advance to the Embassy account.

Please Note

  1. The Embassy can issue only single entry visa (for ordinary visitors, tourists, students) and Business Visa.
  2. Referral visa as well as Double and Multiple Entry visas can only be applied online – directly to the Immigration Headquarters in Tanzania. The processing and issuance on these visas is by the Immigration in Tanzania and the decision is communicated directly to the applicant by email or by checking the status of the application here.

Types of Visas Issued at the Embassy

An Ordinary Visa is issued for the purpose to enter Tanzania for tourist, holiday, family visits or any other activity legally recognized by the law (e.g, Health/treatment or Court hearing). It is issued at any Tanzania Mission abroad or at any official entry point into Tanzania border.

Requirements are similar to ordinary visa, however, a letter of invitation from the contact Institution in Tanzania should be attached to the application. If the student will be doing research a Research Permit is required. It is also advised to have a letter of introduction from host institution if a student will be conducting interviews and taking pictures.

Business visa is issued to persons for the purpose of temporarily conducting business, feasibility studies, trade, meeting, professional or temporary assignment. The Embassy requires a letter of invitation from their business contact in Tanzania or a cover letter from established company/organization/institution they are working for to introduce the applicant and nature of the trip. This should be sent in along with the application. This type of visa is valid for 90 days and can not be extended while in Tanzania.

Entry to Tanzania for purposes of employment, long-term studies, voluntary work or any other not related to above types of visa, a Resident and Work Permit is required.

Diplomatic passport holders and Laissez-passer holders of the UN, SADC, AU and other International Organizations recognized by the United Republic of Tanzania will be granted gratis visa if they are travelling on official duties (must show evidence). When travelling on unofficial capacity, they are subject to pay prescribed fees when using Lassez-passer or their National passports. It is issued at any Tanzania Mission abroad or at any official entry point into Tanzania boarder.


Type of VISA (single entry) Validity Fees in SEK
Ordinary Visa 3 Months 500
Student VISA 3 Months 500
Business/Meeting/Conference Visa 3 Months 2500
Gratis VISA 3 Months 0


If you send your application by post, attach receipt of visa fee payment including a postage fee of SEK 120 for Sweden and 150 for other countries. Your passport will be returned registered unless otherwise advised. Above fees are for all ages and Nationals of all countries except citizens of the United States of America who are issued a multiple entry visa.

Bank Information

Payments made within Sweden – Account Number (Plus Giro Nr.) 103 7471-8. Payments made outside Sweden, applicants can use the following;

Bank Identification Code (BIC/Swift)
International Bank Account Number (IBAN): SE2895000099604210374718 (no space).
Cash, credit cards are not accepted.

For more details, please contact the visa section of the Embassy of Tanzania, Stockholm